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Speaker Problems

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All of the sudden, only one speakers works. . and the other ones work occasionaly, or are really queit.
I have no idea what could be causing this, since I allready took out the cd player and looked at the wiring, and everything connects properly
Everything worked perfectly before, it just started acting up on me..

Now im wondering if a short could be causing this? Deck cant be screwed, I just bought it a week ago.

At first it played music perfectly, for about 30 seconds, then it quit entirely (deck still on, just no sound)
After moving the wires around for a bit, I now have sound on all speakers, except that frt pas. side and rear pas. side are really quiet.

Any ideas?

THanks in advance

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internal short in the head unit. Be my best guess if your 100% sure your wiring is fine.
The factory wiring in my Neon does the same thing to the passenger side tweeter. It sounds like you have a short somewhere in the wiring.
K, well the headunit is brand new. I returend the pioneer because it was screwed, now the new unit played fine for a few seconds, now its just like the pioneer was, almost no sound, or very low volume.

So one short by one speaker could mess up all the other ones?
drop by sometime, my dad is an audio expert he can look it over for ya
eirik said:
drop by sometime, my dad is an audio expert he can look it over for ya
Thanks man, sounds good :)

Hay! eirik! My dad has been a loudspeaker designer for 30 years :) Anyway, Bet its not the deck, sounds like he is hooking something up wrong or around that line.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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