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Starter wiring. Need help.

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I just finished putting the 3400 in my 1991 Z24 and it has been so long since the strater was connected i forgot which wires go where. I know i should have marked them but they were starter wires and how hard are those to figure out, right? :oops: Not for me though. If I could get a description of every wire that goes to the starter it would be appreciated. Thanks.
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hmm well on mine, there are 2 going to the large post, 2 going to the small postin the front, im not sure but the small one u need may be labeled s (for switch) the 2 on the large post will only fit on the large post and the small ones fit on 2 different posts, but on mine, both are on the one for the solenoid switch.
My 88 2.8 has 3 on the large post and 1 small wire on the S post.

Hope it helps
thats the post! the s post! ok on mine (86) there are 2 wires on the s post (small fusible links) and all the rest are on the large post.
Sorry to bring a dead post alive again but atleast i did a search. This all means jibberish to me and I just completed the 3400 swap into my beretta...

I have 3 wires total and i don't think that there are 3 posts but there may be

One is orange, one is purple and hte other i'm not sure but i know that i can't read the wirirng diagram's either... would anyone happen to have made a wiring diagram of looking at the solenoid and to which wiure goes where?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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