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steering wheel change?....

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I was wondering, does a steering wheel from a 2004 fit in a 97 cavy? I saw one in a junkyard and I'd love to get it.
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I would have a hard time believing it wouldn't fit, unless they changed air bag connectors or something.
Would it fit? Yes. Airbag connectors different? Yes.

There was an airbag regulation change sometime in 2000-2001 that the connector ends are different. Connectors may also vary between the 2000-2002 to the 2003-2005 phases. I don't remember. I just remember the 95-99 have different connectors than the one in 2000-2002.

Modifying an SIR system is dangerous.
So for information purposes... The 2003 Cavalier was a change year for the steering column spline. 2002 and back is the same. 2003 and up is different. I currently have a Cobalt SS wheel in my 03 Sunfire with a pursuit air bag. Yes the air bag connections are different too. I stumbled across this as I'm curious if a Pontiac Vibe wheel (possibly j-spec of some sort) might fit a 2002 or older spline. I can confirm it does not fit the 2003 and newer.
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