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Storage clean out

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I have many z24 parts I need to get rid of. Found another project. To start I have a 1990 z24 w/auto 115 k it was side swiped a few years back. I am throwing in another gm quarter inner wheel house,a used door and used fender. Also have 1 6spd f40 trans new. 2 used 5spd trans,turbo 3.1 v6,
Ls4 with auto trans I have everything out of the donor car you need to do a retrofit. I also have a mock up front clip. 16" ls sport wheels. Quite a few z hoods.
2 sets sunbird get headlights and Exra parts for those
Gm performance cam for 3.1l
Fendenza lightened flywheel
Center force dual friction clutch and thro bearing
A complete set of gaskets.
Crane and comp cam valve train parts.
I hav a lot of other parts too just need to go thru other box.
Will sell as a package deal or piece it out.
If there's anything you need fill free to contact me.
Pics on request
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How much for the sunburn gt headlights. And do they have everything for the swap
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