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Stuff for sale...

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2 Boss 10" W107's w/boxes - 50 + shipping
JVC Tape Deck, Detatchable Face - 25 + shipping
kenwood eq - 10 + shipping
Rampage 120 watt amp - 15 + shipping
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any pics man? how old are the subs? will that amp push em good? let me know.... very interested! also interested in eq.....
what are the specs of the amp?
the amp is a 120watt amp my bad, i forgot, the amp is garbage lol i used it to puch my 6x9's for cabin sound, but with alittle more power to the subs you'll have some bass, i got them for x-mas last year, used them for like a month or 2 then i bought a solo baric and kept these in my house, since i blew the solo i just threw one of the subs in my car just for some sounds for the last month.

Unfortunatly no pictures right now just wiped my hole hard drive, tomorrow ill see wut i can do.

here's a link for the subs, they are really chrome lol thats the only thing i liked about them http://www.millionbuy.com/bosw107dvc.html mine arent dual voice coil though i think i forgot, they have the same specs 500max 250 rms.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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