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I was thinking of getting a 10'' sub for my z take the pressure of the 6x9's but since I cannot get into my trunk cause of a broken lock I was wondering how would it hook up. I have an amp back there, would I only need to hook it into that?

Sorry for the vague ? I could probably figure it out myself if I could actually get in there. Someday I'll fix it.

Oh my 6x9's are sony xplodes, so should I just go w/ a xplode sub or get something better. I don't care for too much boom boom, just something to make it sound a little better. Not to mention the xplodes go w/ the color scheme of the car.

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well if its the 88 Cavy to get your trunk open there is a button in the glove box...although im sure youve tried that, But if you pull you back seat off you can get to your trunk. Didnt really understand the question but to hook up a sub you need power from the batt + to the amp, a ground from the amp well to a ground....a remote from your deck to your amp, RCA's from your deck to your amp. Sorry if this didnt really answer your question, it was kinda hard to follow...haha then agian im kinda slow lol 8)
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