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sunbird turbo for sale.

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i am selling a turbo from a turbo sunbird. it works and is in good condition. not sure of mileage but nothing above 65k i know that. as of now no other parts included but i will try and get a few that go with it.
e-mail me or reply here. best offer takes it.
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how much and what kind of engine did it come off?
well it came off a pontiac sunbird. a pontiac sunbird turbo. i think it had a 2.0L engine. make me an offer.
how much guy?, how do u plan on selling something when we dont know how much ur looking to get!
cause i want you to make an offer. people know what they want to spend. if i say what i would like to get for it then it turns people off. u wanna buy it? tell me how much u r willing to spend? then we work from there.

ok 20 bonez

make a real offer. come on people i know a lot of u need a new turbo or a spare 1 :nono: :pimp:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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