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Sunfire Pics UPDATED

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I just wanted to post an updated pic of this sunfire,
AND let everyone know the sad news... this car was totalled about a week ago. If some don't remember pictures were posted previously and the car had two audiobahn 18's and lotsa checker plating. Since the last posting he had his car featured in Performace Auto and Sound, had air ride put in, had airbrushing done and was also featured at Dark Knights Nationals as the audiobahn car. Just a warning to EVERYONE get your car appraised when u invest this kinda cash into them. I am sad to see this car go. I absolutely loved it. I know its kinda dark, but I can't make it any bigger :(

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Os whats the story how did it end up wrecked?

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Not a fan of that paintjob, but its one hell of a nice car.
Ouch. That's a shame.
looks like it hit a paint bucket...
Actually those of you who said it looks like it hit a paint bucket well that was the look he was going for! So hoooray for you! Most ppl think its sperm down the side of the car. At least the air brushing was original. And it was his idea.

Someone pulled out in front of him on the highway. He had 1800 lbs in the back end with 4 yellow top batteries, 10 amps, and 18' audiobahn subs in a box that took up the entire back seat. So stopping this thing was a lil iffy. PLUS he had his air ride canisters and compressors in the car as well.

Anyways, he attempted to stop, the car took a mean wobble. He hit the gravel on the side of the road (highway) and ended up flipping it end over end in the ditch. I am waiting on some pictures and I will post them for you all. His life was saved by the sub box in the back, otherwise the car woulda crushed him. He had to crawl out the window after the crash. At least he is alright! To me that all tha matters. But yes a truley nice ride will be missed.

So a warning to all J-body owners, flipping a J-body is definitely not good. Nothing to support the roof on impact. And End over end is even worse.
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sad :( That car was AWESOME! Glad your friend is OK
well at least it was a nice car,to back it had to die so young :cry: o well is there a replica in the future making
at least he is ok
i do like that paint job. it looks sweet
snowblindburd said:
sleeper said:
looks like it hit a paint bucket...
my thoughts exactly.
hmmm.....looks like a giant bird took a shznit on it.....*looks and the raven* j/k :)
looking nice, loved the paint job, sad to hear its life was ended shortly :(
to me it looks like an elephant busted a nut on it lmao :lol: :lol:
Looks like a giant came all over it lol, sorry.
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