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Superchips problem

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I bought a superchip from jbodyperformance. well today i try to install the chip, i did exactly what th instructions said, and the chip doesnt fit. when i plug the memcal in back of the superchip and try to plug it in to the computer, there a little metal bar on the circuit board and its keeping the chip from being pushed down..am i doing this wrong or what?? can someone pleez help
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you probably just have something flipped around. look at the instructions very carefully and try again.
Sometimes if you remove the whole ecu cover instead of just the little access plate, you can move around and see in there better. Give that a try.

Look to see if the pins are aligned properly. Also, do not force the chip into position, you dont want to bend any of the pins.

Ya man I had the same problem... Just take off the WHOLE cover off and then leave the little cover off when u put it back in the car its kinda tight fit but it will work.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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