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Support Advice? (ryan22? anyone?)

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ok i ran into some other projects for my car and im pretty damn sure ill end up driving to shows in under construction next year bc i doubt ill get the money and time to finish everything.

And I came across this idea (after seeing the third gen in GD) I havent seen a roof chop on a second gen yet so I shopped it and I think it looks pretty sick imo.

<LINK_TEXT text="http://www.advancedgamers.com/vbulletin ... stid=33717">http://www.advancedgamers.com/vbulletin/attachment.php?s=&postid=33717</LINK_TEXT></URL>">
there is an example of how i think i would want it.

now im curious if anyone has looked into it? or hell even done it or tried doing it if u can re direct me somewhere i can read up on it (i have looked so please by pass the use the search feature ;))

Secondly Im not targa topping it or t-toping the car leaving the full roof but i was curious on what I can do to strengthen the car so it doesnt twist on me. I know ryan use subframe connectors by reading his older post and im curious if u have any shots of what u mean cause i never dealt with this type of stuff.

.....my car will be done............one day :oops:
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IF you look under a convertible on the edge just inside the GFX you will notice a steel supposrt. That is the subframe brace. Hope that helps
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