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Suspension squeaks!!

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I have had this problem for a while but now it is getting unbearable. I hear this squeaking noise when I drive the z. I notice this sound especially when I am driving slowly going over a bump. Iam so confused as to what this could possibly be. Someone please give me a clue.
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Ooops forgot to mention which end. Its in the Front.
I know these may be stupid questions but where are the sway bar bushings? Does anyone have pictures of em? I imagine they are easy to replace.
Burn posted a how to for installing aftermarket sway bar bushings if I remember correctly. Do a search with him as the author and see what you get. I know he had a few pictures on there.

Thanks for the suggestion. I got the instructions but the pics dont work anymore. Im gonna pm him to see if he still has em on his comp. If not Ill ask someone to show where these sway bars are.
Hey markeemsz, could you post the link? I think I have this problem too.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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