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sweet impala SS

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i thought it was badass and i should share
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it's nice but how about a REAL Impala

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I'd take the first one...LT1 :D
No offense, but I like the 94-96 better. Those cars just ooze evil. :)
The first one is P-I-M-P!!! God I love those cars... :pimp:
heres a few pictures

the mods list is just sick
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ive just never been a fan of that body style... just a bit too huge without enough style... ill take the 60's impala's thank you. 8)
I'm not a fan of THAT Impala, just the LT1 Impala SSs in general.

If you want a pimpified bling-bling ghetto cruiser, use a cheapass Caprice or Roadmaster. Leave those beautiful collectibles to those of us that can appreciate it. :)
Is it me or do they look like 4 door monte carlos?
i think that airfilter looks goofey on there. he should have used those rectangular style filter that most people put directly on their tb.
those cars look real nice i think. they are kinda big but are pimpin
vulcaneagle said:
Is it me or do they look like 4 door monte carlos?
Its just you :evil:
unixkid said:
it's nice but how about a REAL Impala

I'll take this one before even thinking about taking black IMPALA 8)
94-96 Imppys are the bomb diggity. I'm not feelin those rims though, and he went a lil overboard on the red paint in the engine bay, but other than that it's bad ass! I'm lovin those ghost flames! :love:
I dig the 60's style way more. Gimme a '64 drop-top and a 4-pump hydraulic system and I'll be WAY happier than I would be with a 94-96 with all that engine shit done to it. Performance is useless unless you're on the strip everyday.
I'm also with tiny on this.
blackwidow91 said:
I'm also with tiny on this.
rollin in my 6-4......word all my bitches sayin....
check out the 2004 IMPALA SS, those r fuckin sweet...
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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