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T/A vs New Vette -vert

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Lmao, some dimp in his midlife crisis in his red convertable brand new Vette pulls up to me in the T/A at a stop light. I think he was trying to impress his friend talking shit. He yelled something to the order of " nice 305 " well i deffenetly gave him a nice reality check :wink:

Green light, i'm in first till 6 grand, drop to 2nd break tires loose, 2nd till 5 grand, shift and squack the tires and kill it @ 85. and where was this vette you ask? well, he was about 6 feet behind my rear bumper :lol: . at the next light i yelled "Nice LT-1" and laughed :lol: he looked sooooo pissed but i couldn't stop laughing.

and that's my abuse to the T/A for the week.....

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Damn! You know you got a fast car when you smoke a vette :eek: , Awesome kill! By the way if it was a 98 or newer vette, It would be an Ls-1 :wink:
yah, i thought about that after i yelled it at him. oh well, i didn't get a good enough look at the badging to see if it was a Z06 or anything, but i bet it wasn't. It was a damn good looking car tho 8)
:nono: Don't be bashing my favorite car. Good kill, nevertheless.
thats awesome, i wish i had a car that could smoke a vette hehe
I'm pretty sure that the 1998-2003 Corvette have the new LS-6. It was the Camaro that went from the LT-1 to the LS-1
nah i just want to buy a chevelle 454, those got some ballz to em
What does your T/A run in the quarter mile??

His profile says 12.67, which is just insane, I wanna have a car that fast! How much have you invested into that car?

well, thers about 4 grand in the engine alone (got some good deals) and about 4 grand in the tranny and other misc (including the grand i dropped for the car in pieces). I'm gonna start tearing down the engine on monday to install my new cam and get it ready for the new intake manifold/carb setup. I really want to go farther with it like maybe a twin turbo setup or a Weiland blower 8) .. My previous goal was 400 hp and now i want to get to like 600 hp+. I'll have to rebuild the bottom end but i was thinking about 25 to 35 PSI of boost on dual Edelbrock 750's :pimp:

I'd like to bring it to the bash but thers no way it'll make it (the front tires are showing their belts) and i just spent way too much money on the Z. But maybe next year i'll bring it and run it a few times (it would be nice if Curtis would show up :wink: )

just a work in progress......
Nice man! Nice :D
Actually I'm positive the zo6 vette has the LS6, where the standard vettes have the ls1.
I'm pretty sure it wasn't a Z06. He would have killed me with 400+ hp even if he was a crappy driver :)

but thers alot more to come...... 8)
munkiballz4769 said:
nah i just want to buy a chevelle 454, those got some ballz to em
You and I have the same dream. lol. I wouldn't mind buying a 72 Nova and dropping a 454 in it either.
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