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Alright, I feel dumb for asking this, but has any1 baught a dynomax or walker tail pipe for their car, basically i have a complete dynomax exhaust system, and i wanna change my muffler to a magnaflow 40 series, Basically im trying to figure out what inlet i need for the muffler, and i dont wanna take my dynomax muffler off and put it back on, just to take off within another day or to, so if any1 with a dynomax super turbo muffler or dynomax or walker madrel bent tail pipe, could tell me what size inlet i need for the new magnaflow, i would greatly appreciate it... I know its my fault for not remembering what size i need :( ,...... THanks

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it dpends on what you bought!!

i have a complate dynomax exhaust system, dynomax mandrell bent pipe is 2.25"

the super turbo muffler is 2.25" in and out on my old z

but thats on my car.

my new dynomax super flo ss muffler doesnt come any smaller than 2.5"
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