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tail tinting

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nothin special, but i just finished up on the tail tint mod...came out pretty good. still gotta do the 3rd brake light but i ran out of paint :guns: :guns:

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Meh, not really my thing, But If it was I would say SWEET :D :wink:
Looks nice!
duffdaddy said:
what kind of paint did you use?
i picked up 2 3oz cans off of ebay (10 bucks each), unkown brand but i heard that this is the same product used in model building...i'm looking into it and i'll let u know
you can get "nite shades" tinting spray at Apple Auto Glass for $10, one bottle did my tails nice and dark on my 90 z
can you actually see when you use that shit when you try to back up at night?
I love the way that looks on the blue, with white like i have i think it would look horrible, but i think that looks good, nice job.
looks great man, goes real nice on your car. 8)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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