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Besides stalling you car at like 40, it this what also causes that jerking when your just cruzing. Like the TCC is engaging and disengauging the torque converter?
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Sounds like the TCC. But keep in mind that the VSS can also act up and cause it to engage and disengage. I have had this experience. I got lucky, all it was was dirt had got into the plug. Cleaned it and it was fine.
Does the engine seem to bag down when that happens?? Does the car pull to one side?

I dont think it's the TCC.

My car does a good deal of "jerking" when in second gear, or approx 40k/hr. I've gotten used to it, but it would be cool if I knew how to fix it.
nope doesnt bog, it just jerks from the torque converter engauging and disengauging, when its not locked it doesnt do it
Try pulling the plug on the TCC and drive it around for a bit. If the problem goes away you have found the source, if it is still there you know it's not the TCC sticking or acting up.
Where is it located at? Does anyone have a picture? Its not in the Part and Sensor Locations in the How-To
jack up the drivers side of the car,

look straight up on the drivers side of the dogbone mount, youll see your trannys fluid lines, and an electrical connector with about 5 or 6 wires (not sure how many) coming from it, pull that connector, thats the harness that connects to the tcc, its also the only harness that connects to the tranny...
My TCC solenoid was acting up last year so I replaced it (its easy to do and you DON'T have to even jack up the engine to get the cover off if you work at it for a while). The solenoid fixed the stall problem but I'll get that jerk if I let off the throttle at higher speeds... I think it might actually be EGR valve closing a bit late when you let off the gas. Even with a new EGR valve it won't solve the problem, I think thats just the way it goes.
I have a brand new egr, but im going to unplug the tcc tomorrow and drive for a couple of days to see if thats the problem, also I can see a plug while standing on the drivers side of my car. Its right on top of the tranny, it this the tcc plug?
yeah that should be it....

i thought it was easier to get at from the bottom cause it clips from the bottom. but try it from the top maybe youll get it off :)
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