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Was coming home and was behind a car (don't remember what it was) and we were doing the speed limit (35) and I happen to notice this Nissan pickup stuck up my ass for no reason what-so-ever. At the time we were around a mile from the road opening back up to 2 lanes and 55 mph limit. The car in front turned off a little before the lanes opened up to 2 and I knew that the truck would try and get by so once I saw the 2 lane road ahead I dropped to 4th and gunned it until 65. The nissan stay behind me for a couple secs and than darted over to the left lane and started to make his way up to me. Well I was having none of that plus it was all in fun so I stepped on it and started to gain more on him. Up ahead was a Chevy Silverado so I gave more gas and shot over to the left lane (4 lengths on the nissan) and zoomed by the Silverado at 90 or so. With the nissan lagging. I decided to stay in the left lane since there was another car in the right and when I flew by them at 95-100 the look on their face was priceless.

The nissan never attempted to pass me, probably cause his truck had nothing on me :lol: . So I slowed cause of the light ahead and my turn and he made sure to stay on my ass to make some sort of point and then he finally moved over and I turned.

So it was wasn't a great race or anything, but he was young so I'm guessing he was just having a little fun also. The '03 handled great through the slight turns and shit, unlike the z.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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