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The 93Z is gone. But not far :D

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Yea I haven't been on in a long time with school and work and everything else I pull like 15hr days so I'm a lil tired when I get home, but I sold the 1993 Z24 like two weeks ago.

I sold it to a friend of mine who was looking for a car. I gave it to her pretty cheap too, because I was like "it's sitting slowly dying just take it" then I pay for school all is well in the world.

Well this means I can still drive it!!! MuuAHAHAH!!!
When I took it out to get delievered I wanted to test everything was ok with her so I took the car out for a spin. (I miss that much torque) and I totally ran the car through the ringer for my last stunt with her :D

Maybe she will join the board, but you wont want to see the car anymore I dont.... She fillled it with Whinney the Pooh shit..... I have the sellers remourse for that reason!! :p
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mmm....pooh. :p

Yeah it looks likes my lil sister is gonna get my 91, it'll be cool cause I'll still get to drive it. Yeah shes one to put stupid stickers and shit on cars too. :roll:
LOL :roll: :lol: .
damn her stickers and crap! lol.
aaa how some women like to put on lots of Winnie the pooh thing around here too,o yea can't forget twitie bird lol
yea I see with some guys taz and scooby doo, but thats not my fancy I think the cartoon crap in the car is tacky :S
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