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I'm realy fed up of that shit !!! I changed my EGR valve 4 times and it still having problem. Now i have the same problem than some ppl here, High Idle, bucking at low idle and (bad performance when engine is hot) I'm a little fed up, i'm thinking about remove it and block the hole or swap it with a Vaccuum EGR (like 2.8). Your opinion?
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sounds like a plan...
Could be PCV related also. Or have you gone over all the vaccum lines?
Have you replaced your Temp Sensor recently? If not then do so now
before trying anything else or anything expensive. The temp sensor is
in the thermostat housing and is only about $18 U.S. I had major idle
problems with my car especially after it warmed up. The computer was
thinking the was still cold and would try to make the fuel mixture rich
so the idle would race up and down even stall once in awhile, gas mileage
sucked. After I put in the new temp sensor it ran great!
Ok thx everyone i block up egr valve with allu sheet and my car run very sweet! :D And for those who think that engine run hotter, it's false, exhaust will be warm but engine..?! That's the job of radiator and thermostat :wink:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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