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The Ultimate Performance Question!

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Ok, everyone who knows about how to fix up our j-bodies performance wise, lets start this thread by listing all parts/add ons that you know of with its performance related gain. This will knock out half the threds that are posted and will be very helpful too all who would like to know what does and what doesn't improve the performance of our excellent cars!
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lol...You think just cause theres a thread with a list of parts people will stop asking questions? Theres 2 stickies at the top with a bunch of 3X00 stuff and the questions are still asked almost everyday :p Good idea though
isnt it, i didnt mean for it to stop questions, i just meant for it to help people out, not stop peoples posting!
we kinda already got something like that the performance how to section
lol... bite me, just kidding, i mean we can make a list ehre saying exactly how much horsepower gain you get from certain parts and add ons...
thiss could work in a perfect world but you just can't say this cam will give 60HP, the rocker arms are 15HP, ya know it all depends on what is already done to the vehicle just look at peoples registries see what they have done and how they like it and go from there and always remeber that the search button is god
OK, here goes :-?

1. Larger throttle body

2. Cold air intake/ Warm air intake

3. Higher compression pistons

4. More aggressive cam shaft

5. Port & Polish .... Everything :lol:

6. Mandrel bent exhaust tubing

7. High flow muffler

8. High flow cat

9. 3100/3400 heads & intake, along with the 1400 other parts that go with it

10. Headers ( you will have to make these)

11. Nitrous oxide

12. Upgraded coil packs

13. upgraded plugs & wires

14. Clutch Upgrade

15. Limited Slip Differential

16. Turbo/super Charger

Thats all I can think of right now :-?
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radioactive gerbil
and..ill be the first to say it, even though its tired....STICKERS
Lighter flywheel
Roller rockers
2 1/2" Exhaust piping
Exhaust tip
Bore engine block
Custom valve grind
Dual coil valve springs
Don't forget the seatbelt shoulder pads, neon lights, and altezza lights
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