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Third gen seats for sale

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set of third gen seats, two front and the rear fold down....

gotta get them out of my way ... will sell for 100 Canadian or best offer, you must come get them

no stains or tears, great shape!
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Im flexable on the price, I just need to get rid of these , they are in my way lol
If they were blue i'd take em, i think they look sweet in like second gens
i live in ottawa, how far of a drive up there and would you consider meeting somewhere?
well Toronto is a 2.5 hour drive from here, Im not sure how much further it is to Ottawa, prolly at least another 2, at the moment tho I dont have any way to make it out of town lol
(car isnt ready yet) :)

danlk2, I had them in a second gen :) .. Im converting to a complete black interior so I dont need these seats anymore..
still for sale.. :)
im interested but its too far... let me know if youll drive and meet me
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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