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Tricked out Civic Type R!

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This is such a HOT import. NEVER seen anything like it...CUSTOM body kit, CUSTOM wing, CUSTOM hood n roof scoopz! So hott....juss c 4 urself!

<LINK_TEXT text="http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayI ... egory=6256">http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2432601336&category=6256</LINK_TEXT>

I want it!!!!!
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wtf? someone has actually bought it for $15,000. either that or this guy is just trying to raise his feedback numbers...
wtf :eek: somebody has way too much free time. but i want that scoop for the T/A 8)
<EMOJI seq="1f923" tseq="1f923">:rofl:</EMOJI>

thats great.
First of all, that is possibly the ugliest thing i have ever seen, second did you guys read this?
Terms of Sale

The auction is for everything pictured except the aluminum hood scoop. My friend let me borrow it and I have to give it back. I will replace it with the other half of the roof scoop for no extra charge!
Rofl it doesnt even come with the hoodscoop he put it on just for the picture, HAHAHAHA
I think I'm going to puke or burst out laughing. Or both.
v6z24man said:
I think I'm going to puke or burst out laughing. Or both.
Covers face.
if i ever see that car in person id ho slap the owner across his jaw and piss in the gas tank
OK, Thats got to be the gheyest thing I have ever seen :eek:
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lol looks familiar

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well at least the rims dont look to bad
Thast fucking BRILLIANT! HAHAHAHAH!! And the people who are replying are getting so angry!
if i seen this perosn i wouls shake their hand.... id drive it... I would show up at like a nice import car show and enter that shit..hehee.....
is anyone missing that this is an obvious joke. theres a whole site dedicated to the car. Those videos are freakin hillarious 20.011.

Clear corners, lol.
Is it a joke?
What's the URL?
its in the auction...along with all the seller comments...read it. its an OBVIOUS joke like i said.
people like that should be banned from Ebay. What a waste of web space.
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