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Two Questions....1. My oil pressure gauge......

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AS the topic says I have two questions.....First one is.......My oil pressure gauge is screwing up more then normal. Before it used to vibrate erratically and go from full pressure to the second line, but now its not vibrating and iut barely moves, its stays near the 0 pressure line. when I first start it, it shows a little pressure but not much then after driving for 2 or 3 minutes it drops all of the way and the check gauges light comes on. Do you think that it is the gauge, the sensor, or am I really loosing pressure, because the preformance is still fine, but this is freaking me out.

Question number 2 is very very stupid. but how do I know if i have cruise control? there is a yellow tip on the end of the signal light arm. but Im really unsure of what it is, and there is another little switch there too. but the previous ower never told me it had cruise so I just figured it never.......could this be it? and does anyone have a picture of the cruise control's buttons? thanks for your patience
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im not sure about the oil pressure thing, but as for the cruise control, look in your owners manual under cruise control and compare the pic to what you have. but you should have a set and n/a button on the blinker arm i believe.
The oil thing is probably the the sensor that sends it to the gauge. Check out the how to's.
If it's not the sensor, how many miles are on the engine? I had an old car that had bad bearings on the crank and con rods and the oil pressure would drop as the car warmed up.
Hey NewfieZ24, your the first newfie I've seen on this board, I'm a newf too, just a long way from home now....Minnesota to be exact.. 8)
there's 178 XXX km's on the engine,

what part of Newfoundland are you from?
oh, and if the bearings are gone and that is whats causing the pressure to drop....can this cause alot of trouble for me?
By the sounds of everything you have said, it sounds like the sensor. I can't see you going from good pressure, to absolutely none just like that. Have you noticed any weird sounds since this has happened??
No not at all theres a pinging sound coming from one of the rockers but that happens when I need an oil change....hopefully its just the sensor
Hey, my roommate is from St.Johns too.

Anyway, it must be the sensor, if you really had 0 oil pressue, you would not be driving very far for very long. How much have you driven it since you noticed this?

Driv'er till she blows BYI.... lol
it has been about a week since this started happening
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