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Ummm...score one for the J-Body???

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Haven't seen this one posted before, but thumbs up to this guy? lol


Shows what a J-Body wagon with a 2.2L can do!!!
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its the lil cavi that could
My buddy put in a 2 door Cavalier and made away pretty good.
That's cool. I want to do that to my car sometimes!

I could think of far better uses for a J body wagon. :wink:
Looks like V6Z24 killed the site.
Temporarily Unavailable

The Angelfire site you are trying to reach has been temporarily suspended due to excessive bandwidth consumption.
Now look what we did :roll: .
There are 3 more J-bodies on that site, an '82 Skyhawk sedan, '84 Sunbird wagon and an '85 Cav wagon. :)
another win for the j body,well its not to much of a j body anymore its more now like smashed body lol
That poor cavy looks like it got humped by godzilla! :eek:
I've driven cars that where in worse shape than that.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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