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underbody lights

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yes guys i have done it, i wired my own underbody lights. i mounted them tucked all wires and connected everythign and it works. oh yeah!!!
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Congrats'. What brand are they and how much did you pay for them?
they r light glows and i got them for 80ish shipped to my door off of ebay
. the screw they give you for mounting suck so i had to use self tapping sheet metal screw to get them in there and the wiring was cake

:lol: :p

i got street glow gold series in white, what color are yours?
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how much did your street glows cost? How nuch could I expect to pay to get some one to install an underbody kit because I dont alot of free time to do it myself
yeah gotta have pics ;)
i forgot to say i didnt put them on the cavalier. i put them on a 94 gmc jimmy. i bought them and installed them for the kid for 200 bucks cuz he had no clue where to get them or how to put them in so i decide to rip him off on it to get some extra cash. sorry for the confusion and i will still get some pics ok
Paid 130 for mine, they are pissing me off
I'm gettin ice blue neons from bad boys neons. They are twice as bright as street glow. But the kit for them is about 180-220. And hopefully cops won't hate me for them when i order them next spring.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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