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Well since i failed inspection for god knows how many things, im gonna go legit this time. Im gonna replace the header panel and headlights with ones that are mounted correctly cuz mine doesnt have the mounting hardware so they point down. Im gonna put regular corners on. Im disconnecting and taking out all Neons, Strobes and anything else i have wired. Im gonna buy or make a switch panel to be hidden within my second console i have. So that next time i go through inspection they cant turn on wut they cant see lol. Then i wanna throw some Sunbird Tails on(direct swap right?) with the trunk lid but shave the emblem. I want to cleanly rewire all the neons and strobes back into the car. I have so much wire now its ugly ask Rob(91berettaGt) lol. that is wut i have upcoming, i also wanna replace both front fenders, so i dont have to worry about dents or scratches i had :(. its really not that much werk but time consuming, this is just wuts upcoming on my car, also will get a 3.1 and do a 3100 top end on it, rebuild etc, etc. So anyone within my area wanna help, come on over its like stripping a cav but not lol. I want her to look clean and be a sleeper :-D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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