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update on Z24

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well i managed to blow up my starter within only 5 month of having the car so today i got a brand new starter with 5 year warrenty, also gone put a new power steering pump on the car since the old one is leaking plus im gone use the proper 3100 power steering line now lol :lol:

also got some control arms with poly bushings and new ball joints, in combination with 92+ brakes this should work well

gone throw all that on the car tomorrow and hopefully head to the track tomorrow night.
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Sounds good. Keep up the good work, and get some good times.
My starter just blew too... though I've had my car 7 months instead of 5.... still weird.
my starter went 2 weeks after i bought my old z....lmao i had to replace it in the middle of my friends street :lol: :lol:
Oh yeah watch this!! When I had my Olds Achieva and the starter wnet I had to call up the shop, pick up the starter from the wrecker and pay a total of $40 . Now thats scary !!!lol <SIZE size="75"> Makes note to self to not try to compare experiences with soups!! LOL!!</SIZE>
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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