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Upgraded tails!

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OK, so I bit the bullet and got the 01+ Hella CELIS tails for the e39...



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IMO I think they look better than the other ones. :D
i like them as well. how is the other bmw doing?
Thanks for the opinion guys... Hallie, the other one is doing good, just treated it to a clay bar and wax job.. Here are some newer pics.

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I like those new tails Al...looks the nuts!

liking the shots of the vert :D
nice fleet there Al :)
I was gonna say, you're rolling with some SERIOUS style there... my favorite is the 5 series... so sick.
They look 100 times better than the old lights. Good choice!

thanks all!
Nice upgrade..... :D
munkiballz4769 said:
very nice Al, liking your new house??
Josh, the new house is great, couldn't be any happier! Thanks.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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