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You heard it right boys and girls. Its the annual vettefest here in town. Haha i dont know what it is actually but thats a good guess. We got this big corvette building in town, they make specialty parts and custom order vettes or something i'm not sure. Anyway they hold this huge Corvette car show every year. Theres Vette's runnin all over the place its awesome! Its here all weekend. Its pretty much the only big thing that happens to this town. We even made it on TV one year! Earlier today there was 2 brand spankin new vettes (yellow and red) line up at a stoplight, when the light turned green they both rolled off the line lightin up the tires and rollin smoke everywhere. It was freagin awesome! what can i say I'm in love :love:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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