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Wah...had to tow the damn hatchback...

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After 2k $ in reparation, i went to start it this morning to get it to the garage for some oil pan leak, the car ran for about 2 seconds then died. I said "no biggie" and went to restart it again but it never wanted to start.... so.... TOWING power... second time i had to tow the shit... i'm 90 % sure it's the fuel pump,i can't hear the "click" and everything runs... but there just aint nothing to feed the 2.8.... how much is it approx. to replace it ? ( including labor time cuz i suk )
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Its not an easy job from what I hear :(
I just read other threads on that subject and from what i saw it can range from 150 to 300 $... not that worst.... changing the rack and pinion costed me 600 $ :eek:
I have not had to do this yet (/me knocks on wood) but have heard that some shops will charge more if you have a full tank of fuel. They have to drop the tank to get at the pump. But since I have never done myself or had this done, that is only hearsay.
my fuel pump cost about 70 us but make syre you dont have a bad fuel pump relay bf you go replacin it
ive replace the pump it cost me 193$cdn plus labor. unfortunately i had filled my tank the day before :x
I wish I could afford to fill my tank with gas.
i replaced my fuel pump it was fairly easy and took about an hour
first siphon gas tank (mine was full it sucked)
raise the car and remove the elctrical connections at the harness and disconnect the fuel hoses and lines
remove the support straps and take down the tank
use a flathead screwdriver and turn that thing (i forget what its called) but then just pull out the pump assembly
if anyone tries to do this make sure you have a haynes manual it helps alot for this. but yeah if you take it to a shop your gonna get raped
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