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WAI (Warm Air Intake)

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I was looking to install the WAI with the aluminum piping, but... i do NOT know what a grommet is. If someone could help me out without laughing, that would be great!


Real quick to add something, how much will this affect my horsepower, and is it really worth the trouble of putting the aluminum custom intake on over just popping a cone on the end of the stock intake?

Thanks yet again for your help!
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<COLOR color="olive">A Grommet is a rubber ring used to gently seal tubes into holes or protect wires from sharp sheetmetal edges as they pass through body panels like the firewall, or the door jams (pwr windows, locks). For theWAI it gently secures the breather hose in your new intake tube. :wink: </COLOR>
ok now that i understand that, do i even need that? I mean can i just do strait tube no breather, how will that effect the intake?
air going into the intake manifold MUST be filtered.

if you don't want to drill a hole in your pipe just put a breather filter on it, you can get one for $10 at autozone.

i used about 6" of 13 or 14mm heater hose to connect the breather filter to the manifold because it makes it easy to move out of the way.

you'll need another half inch of smaller hose to connect the breather filter to the 14mm heater hose.
not to sound like a complete dumb ass, but i can just drill the hole and stick a breather in there, what exactly do i have to do where the hole should be drilled, what are my options and how do i do it, i appreciate your help.
You kind of lost me there for a sec but I'll try to answer your question anyway. The grommet is a silicon "sleeve" that attaches the pipe to the throttle body.

Now there are two things you can do:

Drill a small hole in the pipe to accomidate the valve cover tube, which runs to the valve cover.


Do not drill the hole, and remove the other end of the tube from the valve cover aswell. Then insert a valve cover breather (which is a little round filter - $10) into the hole in the valve cover. Edit: the holes in the breather and valve cover may be the same size, therefore, you may have to insert a small piece of rubber hose into the bottom of the breather for it to be able to attach to the valve cover.

There is a post a page down that has to do with the functioning of a valve cover breather. You can go there, and then decide which you would like to do.

Hope that helps,

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thanks a lot it helped more then you know!

Thanks again for all your guys help!
This is a 2.2liter right? I measured my inlet hole thing and its like 4in. So I was thinking. Why not put a 4in around "mushroom" filter on it....no pipe or anything. It would have a HUGE amount of air going into it. Wouldn't it? And its very simple. Why don't engine manufactors put the intake at the bottom so we could do this and it would a cold air intake:)
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