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Well, ran a new personal best time

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Over the weekend at a Beretta get together I dropped my fastest 1/4 mile time down a tenth of a second. Was using slicks :) I think I have a fuel issue on the top end, it just drops power off around 53-5500 RPM.

But I got a 14.302, stock motor aside from the headers and a mild tune. I think I am going to go back to a stock 3400 regulator and see what happens at the track. Unfortunately I did not get any datalogs which would have helped diagnose my issue.
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Nice times.....what size slicks are you using??And which rims did you have them on? Any rubbing issues?
slow :p haha, good time, should def be able to squeeze more out. My 3400 did a 14.4 on drag radials.
You had a slight altitude advantage :p
Plus your 3400 was 10 HP stronger than average.

My best 60' was a 2.169, on my fast run it was a 2.2 something. The track prep realllly was horrible. I was spinning the shit out of the slicks.
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