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what all specificly do i need?!!?!?!

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ok guys im about 4 days away from doing this swap and you guys are going to be the deciding factor if im am going to go threw with it or not.

im on a semi limited budget here as well so pricing is going to play a pretty big factor in all of this.

but on to the topic at hand.

WHAT all "EXACTLY and SPECIFICLY" would i need to do a complete 2.2L manual to a 3.1L manual swap. i know obviously the motor, and tranny, and ECM. but what are the little small things that i would need. i can worry about the interior pieces ect later, but the physical MOTOR ENGINGE BAY pieces needed to get the car in and out of the shop and running are what im worried about. logic tells me that going from this swap is a bit pricey but since i do have to either repalce or reubild my current 2.2 anyway and ive done the pricing already on the motor, im not spending but around $300 more for the 3.1L motor if that really close to around $50. *ive yet to get a price on tranny* and i know that an ecm isnt going to cost me more then $150*if it does they can keep their ecm its not worth that much money*. but what im looking for as in specifics are the little things, shift linkage, throttle cables, ect. all those small little parts that i am GOING to need inside the engine bay to make it a 100% full swap.

reason im asking is cuz #1 i need the car and its cheaper to do the swap or replace then it is to buy a new one. #2 i would do everything myself but i dont have the location, and tools to do it on my own * i would absoluetely love to do it on my own, nothing like self gratification in knowing you did all the work yourself* #3 im limited on time, and on cash for the most part. now i know that some of you are goin to flame and say well if you wanna play you gotta pay. YES I KNOW THIS. but truth be told that well if i can get away with a 3.1 and spend around $500-$800 more then it would be for me to do just a rebuilt 2.2L or replace the 2.2L then why they hell not? i dont see much of a loosing situation there.

now just for general info to maybe help you assest my delima im looking at having around $2000-$3000 at most. now some of you will be thinking DAMN THATS MORE THEN ENOUGH. but remember im not pulling the motor myself. and a mechanic shop is going to be doing all the work, for just the motor, that means just installing or *incase of keeping the 2.2* rebuild or repalceing it with a 2.2. the shop im goin to use said they wont PULL a motor but they will install one they get*warranty issues and liability issues so no biggie on that one*. they also wont touch trannies, so a tranny shop is also needed for this swap. ive got both of those lined up and know the work they do so im confident in their work *both shops are well known for their performance and regular maintnance work, both are very reputable and stand behind their work firmly* now some of you may be thinking boy this kid sure had done his research and a good bit of the leg work. and the answer to that is yes. but it is completely a huge THANKS TO ALL OF YOU and all of your insight. i wouldnt know the first thing about Z24s or cavs if i hadnt joined these Jbody sites. so a huge thank you goes out too all of you, even the newbies, some of your ridiculas questions helped bring insight on some things i had been pondering as well.

i would love to do this swap and thinking about it, it sure would be one nice sleeper to have a nice lil quiet Z24 sittin under the hood with the stock VL trim outside.

but if too much is going to be involved and if its going to cost me too much ill just stick with the 2.2 for now. I can always do a Z swap later on. but right now i absouletely need the car. no ifs and or butts about it. and since its here and now i thought i may as well do the swap while im doing something. for right at around $1200 thats a rebuilt and installed 2.2L with a warranty. its not but like $50 more for a 3.1L. but again thats minus the tranny and all the extras. THAT MY FREINDS IS THE DECIDING FACTOR. if you think im goin to go over $1500 or at MAX $2500 to do the full 3.1 swap including tranny and the extra things. LET ME KNOW cuz this is going to make the entire decision.

PS: they wont let me buy anything at all they wont touch it if i do. ALL SHOPS ARE LIKE THAT AROUND HERE.

now i mean im going to do more leg work tommorrow by physically going to shops ect and gettin prices ect. im also going to see about the tranny ect. but i will have a "CORE" 2.2 that i can sell. all it needs is a rebuild. but again guys. FILL ME IN ON AS MUCH INFO as possible. i need to give my lawyer a final answer and as close to a final price by monday or wedsday at the lastest.

again thanks for all your insight guys, and im trusting you to help me here as well as you have done on the past.

PSS: sorry for the long ass post. i had to give you as much detailed info as possible so that you all could make an accurate decision.


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BUMP!!!. sorry guys this is a pretty important topic to me. i need some info asap. again ive only got untill wed. at the latest to get this setteled and done. id like to have the car in and out of the shop before the weekend. reason for this is the rental im in right now they are fixing to pull from me so i absoluetely need some sort of trasnportation, and ive also got my girl who is preg. and is ready to drop at any day now. acutally i think they are going to induce her labor this comming thurs. so i need some sort of way to get there so i can see my child being born.

as you can see this is a pretty important reason for all of this. again id like to get my Z swap in but if you all feel its goin to cost me more then $2500 to get it done completely then im going to have to skip the z swap for now and stick with a 2.2slow.
ok a lot of the information youll need can be found on this site using the search button. but you will need the wiring harness, youll need a larger fule pump. youll need the steering components from a v6. Youll also need the gauge cluster from the v6. I am sorry but i cant remeber everythying at this time. Please do a search to find the rest of the info youll need ;)
i used the search, but i guess im just trying to search using the wrong words cause i didnt get much info that was useful if any at all.lol.

i know a bit about the swap *knowing that i wont need the wiring, i knew about some of those little things like steering pump, fuel pump. ahh well i guess its better for me right now to just do the rebuilt 2.2
im getting a 2.2 cavi for 300$ next weekend... i think 2.2l is too litle for me...
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