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what color should i paint my motor

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my car is a maroon cool and i can't think of a \ny color that would really go good with it. i thought chevy orange but i really don't like the cooler orange. then i got alpine green...looks cool but i don't know. i just so picky. anyone have an good idea on a cooler?
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typo * maroon color* not cool...lol. i'm sleepy :lol:
I think maroon would look good. Or hot pink :wink: J/K.
same color as exterior should do.
hot pink all the way man!! :wink: haha
Your car looks about the same color as mine...

I've got parts of my engine painted with a metallic blue, and that doesn't look too bad...
I would go with the exterior color. That is how I am going to paint my 2.0L turbo whenever I get that.
i thought blue too...i like it but it's been done. anyone seen the alpine green i'm talkin about? i think it might work
chevy orange is the only way to go ;)
tnd27 said:
same color as exterior should do.
metalcast yellow would look cool
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