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what do i do now!

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I just finished tapping around the door where the plastic once was. Im fiberglassing my interior, and was wondering what to do next.

Do i leave the fiberglass on, then sand, prime, paint, or do i take it off, then sand, prime, paint, and if i do have to take it off, how do i put it back on nicly.

I have pics, but only have 2k left of uploading space.
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Fiberglassing a ferrari interior? :roll:
nobody has helped you out of these 2 posts you made because nobody has a clue what you're doing.

apparently you allready told all of us you ALLREADY have a ferarri interior in your car... guess not eh?

BUT ill try to help. do you want to make a mold of your interior, or do you JUST want a fibreglass interior? if you just want your interior all nice and smoothe, then just lay the glass and resin over your existing dash. so once the dash is all glassed I would just sand it hard, fill high/low spots, and then prep and paint it all Inside your car. honestly if its all glassed its probably going to be a big bitch to take all out.
Sorry if i didntexplain myself, i ment ferrari interior as in seats, front of course, not really what u would call interior but it is cool .

As for the fiberglass, i wanted to know, now that im done tapping in the places around the door, if u dont know what im talking bout, look at you z24 or sunbird and u will see the plastic pieces by the bottom of the door, inside (bottom), around the door (top), around the back window and everywhere else u see the same kind of piecs , i am fiberglassing.

I have no plastic pieces because i took them off before i got stiffed by a body shop. So i decided to just fiberglass it all. I have pics but cant upload, i have no space. I am trying to achieve a smooth, shiny, fiberglass finish, but where i have no plastic pieces i have to mold new ones.

I need to know would it be easier to keep the molding on then sand, prime, paint, but wont leaving it on make it harder to sand opposed to taking it off . If i have to take it off how do i get it back on without damaging itif i cant get help ill juat probably just fiberglass it then take it off and put back on with something sticky :wink:
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ok i have a good idea of what you;re trying to do, and it sounds to me like it would be a LOT easier to go to a junk yard and find the pieces that you need for the interior.

once you find all the pieces, if you want them all smoothe and shiney, just take the individual pieces, and coat them with resin.... let the resin harden, and then just sand them smoothe, and bam you're done.

if you're thinking about MAKING new pieces to replace the ones you dont have..... well good luck :nono: it will take you at least a year to get all the pieces to be the right shape, and to pit together like how they normally do.

plus if you just glass over where the pieces should be, you'll never be able to remove the pieces without destroying them.... yah dig?
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