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What happen to Second Generation Body Links

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I tried to go to the site and it is gone 2ndgen.cjb.net and the site is gone.I need to find the guys listed that make the roll cage for my cavilier. 11 seconds coming.
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hrmmm, its my site. I havent checked it recently though. Ill look into it and see whats wrong. If worst comes to worst ill simply upload the site to another host.
oh, by the way: the link for the rollcage is:

Hey Ryan, I can host your 2nd gen page temporarily if you want, just hit me up and we can work something out!
Sure man, if you want to. The site is only 42kb in size, 28kb zipped :)

Either way im currently looking around the various freehosts available. Shouldnt be hard to find a decent one, hypernet sucked anyway since it gave so many pop-ups and ads. I only them in the first place because i planned to add forums and stuff to the site so i wanted perl and php. But now i just want to keep it basic and just the links :)

Anyone had any good freehost experiences?
Thats not a problem! Send me your html/images and I'll put it up ASAP! I'll keep it up as soon as you find another place to put it..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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