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What material should i use for my custom grill??

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Ok what i had planned for my custom grill was to have a web like design in it. So i would cuts out the normal bars and bowtie in the middle and make a custom web design throughout the center.

My question is should I make the design out of cardboard and then lay fiberglass overtop of it, or should i be using another material of some sort?

The only problem i see arising with the fiberglass is that with the web design there are gaps in between each strand. I think that getting in between those gaps to lay fiberglass and then trying lay bondo or short hair fiberglass filler with be quit some task, and plus trying to sand it.

What are your guys opinions?
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if youre throwing out your ideas of how you want to do your grill...it gives others ideas & makes yours that much less CUSTOM, just do yours different from everybody else & then post pics!
What id do is get a peice of aluminum and cut out the design with a plasma cutter, it would look nice and itll be stronger than fiberglass. :pimp:
card board would be the best thing, but its gonna be hard to do with inticate strands like you are talking about... good luck either way.
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