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mrjackson2000 said:
serge_o said:
bobby said:
is that what that is i thought it was jls 4 49
The only way that you are gunna get W7's for $49.00 is to spend $49.00 on some good break in tools.
maybe thats what the ebook describes :eek:
Step1: Scope out local audio store

Step2: Go to Home Depot and get a hacksaw, crowbar, and a good hammer.

Step3: Return to Audio store after hours.

Step4: Use hacksaw to cut the lock, use crowbar to bust the metal security fencing. Use hammer to make that window drop

Step5: Unload warehouse into back of pickup truck.

That is how you get W7's for $50.

Now you bastard you owe me $49, cause I spilled the beans. :lol:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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