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What you think?

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Well tonight in about 3hrs i am supposed to race a friends 3.4 camaro. Not in bad shape at all, what do you all think?, i know my 2.4 would waste my 3.1 but a 3.4 camaro? Both autos, so i guess we'll see.
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youll waste it, i have a friend that had one. I ran him with my buick skylark that had a 3300 in it and i beat him by about 3 feet. my skylark only ran like a 16.9 or something dumb like that.
Update! Did you take him?
lol...I've spanked the 3.4 in a Camaro. You better have him.
Well shit, wouldnt ya know it, the stupid ass gets all drunk and then wants to race me. No way I am racing a drunk ass driver, i told him we would when he wasnt fucking plastered. But hopefully soon, I am gonna waste his ass.
yeah i took my friend in his camaro that had a 3.4 in it.... took him pretty bad actually.... those engines just arnt powerfull enough to push that heavy car
I raced to of them. One was a 93 and i murdered it. Then i raced my other friend with a 95 and he was at my rear bumper the whole way.
u should have him easy, v6 camaros/TAs were not made for performance i think it has 160hp and does high 15s.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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