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whch body kit

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which body kit
Diza Hurricane337.50%
F/X design337.50%
onderground sport225.00%
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i am having trouble deciding which body kit to got

i am trying to decide between the

onderground sport
F/X design
Diza Hurricane

also what color should i paint my car after?
and my grandfather said if i change the rims on my car it will through off the speedometer and shit like that.. is that true?
I like the f/x design the best, but the diza looks great as well... I would paint the car a nice dark blue with silver flakes in it. As for the speedometer thing, as long as you figure out the right size of tire it won't throw it off. I think there is a tire size calculator on here but i can't find it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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