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wheel hop

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just woundering if anybody has wheel hop problems and if there is a fix for it have new struts and energy suspension control arm bushings and sway set
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maybe try upgraded motor mounts ive heard that helps and also try some lowering springs
oh man wheel hop sucks, my 2.2 has it bad
Mine had wheel hop, until I lowered it, now I can't even get wheel hop in the rain.
stiffer springs will help control wheel hop..
Wheel hop is a condition where your tires don't quite slip and spin but the don't quite hook up either.. what happens is your tires start to spin but they catch a bit of traction.. when this happens it causes your tires to bounce.. Your tires will keep bouncing untill you either get full traction or they just start spining.. It's quite niosey and hard on the suspention..
when i drive around my tires make a thump... it only makes a thumb below 60kmph.. what would that be....
checking your tires may also help. had practicly bald tires on mine a while ago and in the rain i was hoppin around like a jack rabbit but chances are you got new tires if you have everything else lol
Ya.. also on my cavy i have thumping noises when i hit bumps in the back. Its not regular noises that i should hear... it sounds bad. I hit a bump and thud. thud. thud. Sounds like the back strut is bad.. anyone know what is causing this?
I had really bad wheel hop on mine. I added a subframe brace and it practically eliminated it! now it just hooks & goes!
heres a pic of the brace:
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fram sure grip oil filters are the shit
btw are you leaking oil bc that this is a mess
what is a subframe brace...and what does it do. My car hits bumps really hard, I've replaced pretty much everything to due with my suspention. I think our cars are meant to hit hard
I have really bad wheel hop, but only when I'm showing off. A few of you might have seen it at Carlisle or Maple Grove. ;-) :lol: Sometimes I get 3 or 4 inches!!
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