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where can i find dwgs of our cars.

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i am looking for the cut away dwgs of the 2.8 or 3.1 engine along with the body and parts for the j body. kinda like what chilton has for the engine cut away or what the dealers use on their computers to access parts. Do you know what im talking about????? If anyone has such a thing on their computer that i can have a copy of please let me know. Or where i can find such a file.

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a service manual will do the trick ;) I would scan my blown up pics, but my manual is too brittle :S
I think something like that may be on the ALLDATA disks. As I said in a previous post somewhere I have the disks but cannot access them without the hardware security dongle. But I do remember somebody saying they had a working copy of the ALLDATA series, or how about asking a dealer to make a copy of the cut aways for you.
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