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Which brand clutch?

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Which Clutch Brand
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Hey guyz, whelp the clutch in the 4dr is on its last leg and its slipping & stinking really bad. I want to replace it with a decent clutch. I only want to go with a stage I clutch, but I want a good brand. I have $300 saved up to go towards the clutch, i jsut dunno what brand is best for the dollar. I have looked at the following brands. whats your opinion?
btw: so far it looks like im going with the centerforce clutch. I put up a vote for it cause its the only brand I can get without ordering outta the states or having to travel to get it. Anyone hear anything bad about centerforce?

BTW: im paying $325 for the clutch disc & pressure plate.

Im also going to need a throwout bearing & have my flywheel machined.
Bully Stage 2 on my car.

and its a canadian brand, support CANADA man!
got mine from JBP, was the cheapest prices i could find on the clutch from various sources.. even cheaper than the Group Purchase a buddy was setting up through a shop LOL..

have had nothing but good to say about the clutch. plus the bonus of being shipped from canada and saving the outragous costs of shipping from the states was the clincher on buying it.
centerforce is working well for me

also Ram would be another of my choices

or bully but colin has it so it sucks :p
I have the centerforce dual friction clutch and it is excellent :D
id rather go with a bully, but since its $55 more, and i have to mail order it im just gonna go with the center force.

Next question: does anyone run a different flywheel with there aftermarket clutches?
I heard some bad things about centerforce on the 60degreev6.com forum.

Bully all the way ;)

I have the lighened (17 lb) steel flywheel from Mantapart with a Clutchmaster clutch. I could tell the difference with the lightened flywheel. It shifts faster and feels like a difference in torque.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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