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sorry i didnt give more info in the first post, i didnt know if theyd be any interest. im not really set on selling it, but if i can work out a good deal with someone i will. theres some stuff id like to do and the cash from sellin the bimmer would really help. im from near pittsburgh pa. some info on the car:
1993 318is
113,000 mi
5 speed
black interior / moonroof
new h+r springs/struts
new brakes + drilled rotors
angeleye headlights / white guages / uuc pedals
qforms kick panels / no radio or speakers
A/C dosent work and one side of the fold down back seat dosent latch tight, but other than that there are no problems, runs and drives great

SHit, you can take my z. Its an '88 5-speed 2.8L with 11400+ miles on it but the engine has 30000 less. I'll get what its needs, which is easy shit done and than get some more cash and I'll drive up there and take that bimmer off yours hands, hell I can through in our '94 cavalier too.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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