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WTB a few z parts

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I need the top half of a center console for a stick shift 89 z24, pref black with arm rest, will consider other colors. no power windows or anything. also looking for black carpet and drivers side mirror and rearview mirror with the lights on the bottom. I also need a speed sensor for a 3.1 automatic. thanks, samantha
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I forgot, I also need a passenger side turn signal and a trunk lid with no rack for an 89. thanks, samantha
where you at bucks county? i know a few junkers you could try to hit up if all else fails.
im in bristol, u pull it has no z's at the moment, i havent tried petes yet, pic a part has none, south end has none and theres another junk yard but i forget the name, in like hulmeville, they dont have any z's either. but if you know of any others nearby im open to suggestions. thanks, samantha
ill talk to my gf, shes got a junkers up by her with a number of z's from what she told me, but shes in north jersey. if i can find the parts maybe i can pull em and sell em to you. ill have to check it out.

you talking about shorties you pull it?

they already got rid of the white z vert they had?????
u pull it in morisville, my brother was just there last weekend and didnt find any z's. i know theres another u pull it but its like a 45 minute to an hour drive from me and working like i do i dont have time to drive all the way there, and i only drove past once a few years ago so i doubt i would even find it. let me know if there are still z's by your girlfriend cause theres some more stuff i'm looking for. how far north are you talking cause im like 5 minutes from trenton and about 15 from princeton. if they have some maybe i could get my boyfriend to go up there someday when we are off. i gutted my vert today so i hope to start getting parts quickly so i can put her back together before its too cold to drive her.
ill check and see and ill get back to you.
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