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WTB rear bumper for '93 and jack shaft for '88

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Im looking for a rear bumper cover for a '93 in very good shape and for someone who wouldnt mind shipping to 71341 zip.

Also I am looking for a jack shaft that goes between the trans (5 speed) and the cv shaft on the passenger side. Here is a pic of oneThanks


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i'm guessing you want a stock Z bumper?

i have an FX rear i'll let go of for cheap
apreciate it but yes i want to keep the car looking as stock as i can, thanks
By the way, u have a nice looking car
i cant believe no one has these, anyone?
i have one (rear bumper) on my 91 z out back i'm gonna strip it when ever i get the time make ma an offer
75 plus shipping. it has the side marker lights in it too? and I need it to be in real good shape.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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