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WTB Taillights for a 91 RS.

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I backed into a parked car tonight at work and need a drivers side tail light for a 91 cavalier coupe. The middle goes up w/ the trunk. Please help me ASAP. I need to have this car legal so I can get to work.
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are there any local junkyards? they migh have it his way you wouldnt have to pay shipping and you get it that day. you could aslo try ebay.
i have found that local yards want a killing for 2nd gen parts. almost as much as gm.I'll try though.
I will buy a whole set if it's easier that way. Come on. Someone is always parting out a car on here.
I can send you one down for $35 cdn plus shipping. Send me your zip if you'd like and i'll figure out how much it'll be.
I got one...35.75. Already put it on. Thanks though. BTW what color is that on your car? I now need a rear quarter and new paint all around.
The paint is original and it is paint code 29 which is dark saphire blue For some reason people think I painted my car or something :lol:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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