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WTB: winter beater

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im looking for a winter beater. a 83- 94 jimmy/blazer/sonoma/s-10 preferably 5 speed with 4x4 that runs around 3000cdn is what im looking to spend if you know anybody or anything around let me know please even a 4 cyl :( in the ontario region thanks! :D
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i know your looking for a truck but, i got a blue 93 cav for sale... $700 takes it. this way it will save you like $2300, i live in hamilton so its only like a half hour drive from T.O...it will cost next to nothing to pass saftey and certifying.... defietly a good winter beater...engine runz strong.

get back to me man. later
sorry man i found a gmc jimmy 4x4 for 1500 that im going to look at this weekend. i couldnt put myself in a little 4cyl...sorry :D
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