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WTF is going on?

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Ok, when I start my car up, it's fine. Idles nice, and it runs like a dream for something with so many miles (going on 275k)....after driving for say, 45 minutes or so, it starts to lag, and eventually starts missing out and dies when I hit the brakes. At this point, it has to sit for about 20 minutes until it will run again, but when it does, it's fine. I've been told the coil pack's getting too hot, and I've also been told it might be the crank sensor. Does anyone have any ideas?
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sounds like the coil packs or the ignition module. you can usually just pull off the coils and the module and take them into autozone to get them tested.

but you just might want to start with a fresh set of plugs and wires.

Good luck
One other possibility is that one or more of your injectors may be going bad electrically. When one shorts out the ECM shuts down all the injectors. My 88 with only 200k miles did that. You could test that theory by shooting some starting fluid into the intake next time it dies. If it tries to start then its a fuel related problem not ignition.

You can also pull a plug wire to see if you have spark which will tell you the ignition is good or not (at least for that coil pack).

Good Luck
OK, that came out wrong....didn't really read it until this morning. The thing is, during that 20 minutes that it has to sit, it will start back up, but when I put it into any gear other than park or neutral, it dies. This is really pissing me off, because I had to deal with 4 cops last night, one of which was a major dick, 2 others just stood around going "this is county's problem, not ours..." the one nice guy was cool as fuck though, even offered to drive me around for a while...didn't think it'd look too good if I was riding around in a cop car though.
happened to me a few times, a Sheriff stopped, he was actually a nice guy (first time meeting a Sheriff).

I'd drive mine for about 15 min, and it would die. Let it sit for about 15 min, then it would run for a little while, not sure how far, but it still ran after it cooled down.

Tried plugs, wires, coils, and crank positioning sensor (all cheaper than the ingition module)

Anyway, turns out the ignition module was bad, even though Murray's tested it, and said it was OK. So a $160 ACDelco part later, it runs fine.

I have a missfire still though, could be an injector, but i tested the resitance of all 4 (i've got a 2.2 4banger), and they were the same across the board. Oh well, I'll replace the gas tank and fuel filter first (tank leaking at the seam).

Good Luck.
Is it only stalling when you come to a light or stop sign, or for example, if your going 40 mph, and hit the brakes, and drop down to 20 mph, would it stall then? Or does it just stall when ur hitting the brakes under 10 mph ? (hope that was understandable :) )
Anything under 25 and it would start to miss out.....another guy's having the same problem, people are saying it's the TCC solenoid(sp?), so when I get my car fixed, I'll check that out....

As for the fixing thing...I think it's locked up. :( I was following my friend in his Olds Cutlass yesterday, doing about 90, and forgot about the oil leak, so it got drained completely....got a guy to put about a quart and a half in, but when I tried to start it up, it cranked 6 or 7 times, then when I tried it about 15 minutes later, nothing. Didn't crank at all. Tried again this morning before loading it onto the trailer and hauling it home, and still nothing.
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