1983 Chevy Cavalier Barn Find (Garage find)
4 door sedan

It's a first generation J-body, second year Cavalier with the
2.0 fuel injected engine
5 speed manual transmission

It has been sitting in the garage since 2004 when dad decided he was too old to drive anymore.
This was a running car that he drove it in and parked. It's been sitting there untouched all of this time.
I put some air in the tires, pushed it out of the garage, dusted it off and took the pictures.

It has 64k original miles on the odometer and Dad said it had not rolled over.
The interior is in very good condition, the exterior is in good but not perfect condition with small imperfections from age. The body has no cancerous rust. It is in remarkably good condition for it's age.

This car has been sitting since 2004 and is not in driving condition.
If you want it, bring a trailer. (no, you may not just try to jump it and drive away.)

This car is on non-op status with pink slip and ignition keys in hand.
(So no smog on title transfer is required.)

Looking for the right J-body enthusiast that understands what is needed to to be done to restore this car to it's full glory.
These are really hard to find for sale anywhere in the US at any price!
Imagine being the only one driving down the street in an '83 Cav!

$1900 obo
Help me find the right home!